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At Practical Life Therapies our workshops are run throughout the year by our practitioners and associates.

Workshops for 2018 include

  • Infant Massage Classes- 1hour per week for 4 weeks. A workshop by Jennifer Robertson Expressions of interest please at this stage to run class.
  • Call In Your Calling. With Katie RYan 
  • ADEPT- How to become an adept with anger, relationships, career, life changes. A workshop by Georg Atanassoff



Your business isn’t really your business.

It’s your calling

But if this is what you’re meant to do with your life then why isn’t it thriving?

Is it possible that you’re out of alignment somewhere?

Is there something deep in your energy field that’s holding you back and keeping you playing small?
💡 What would it feel like to step fully into your calling and live your purpose without hesitation or apology?💡

My business started thriving once I got really honest with myself about what I’m here to do and stopped pussy-footing around the edges. 

I’m here to re-connect you with your life purpose. I’m here to help you see the obstacles in your path and shift them at their source so you can get on with your calling. 

My calling is to help fill the world with women who are living out their calling, because a world full of powerful, fulfilled and focused women is what this planet needs. 

Would you like to be one of them?

CALL IN YOUR CALLING is my five week program to help you answer these questions:
 Am I doing what I came here to do?
 How do I create a thriving business from my calling?
 Who are my soul clients and how do I reach them?
 What’s my big why for being in business?
 What’s possible once I’m fully aligned with my calling?

We’ll meet once a week for five weeks so you can Call in your Calling and bring your business to life.

“I recently participated in Katie's 'Call in Your Calling' course. I found Katie to be real, warm and engaging. I also appreciated her great sense of humour and super tasty snacks!
Call in Your Calling was valuable for me, as I got to meet some amazing and inspiring women, started to think about my business, where I want it to go and who my ideal client is from a different perspective. I found the meditations to be powerful and effective. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get to the bottom of their blocks so that their business can begin to thrive.” ~ Mel


Week 1
What is your calling? How does your personality give you clues to what you’re meant to be doing? How have your life experiences prepared you for your service to the world? We’ll delve into the messages hidden throughout your lifetime and bring all the threads together, revealing your purpose this time around. 

Week 2
What’s stopping you? Now that you’re clear on your calling, what’s standing between you and making a brilliant living from it? It’s time for a treasure hunt! We’ll follow the clues in your past, your body and your energy to find your biggest blocks and tame them: quickly and simply. 

Week 3
Who are your soul clients? How do you reach them? This week we’re looking at how to consistently fill your diary so you can relax knowing your bills will be paid week after week. You’ll learn how to find new clients with minimum effort while avoiding icky, pushy sales pitches.

Week 4
Your calling, your way. How do you want to do business? It’s time to throw off the “shoulds” from the online gurus and go within to connect with your unique way of living your purpose. We’ll get clear on your authentic voice and unearth the elements that make up your calling. We’ll breathe life into your calling by creating your one-of-a-kind business structure.

Week 5
Divine Planning Party! You’ll intuitively choose a biz goal to achieve in the next three months and plan out the steps to get there. You’ll have content ideas for emails, blogs and social media posts, plus divine assistance to sort out all the details of the project or offer you want to get off the ground. We’re talking about some seriously aligned action.

Now you might be thinking “Wowsers Katie that’s a lot!” 

You’re right. But one of my magic tricks is taking the complex and making it simple, so we’ll move through it pretty quickly (while still making sure you’re getting it). 

I’ve included a beautiful balance of energy practices and practical exercises to help you Call in your Calling. 

“Thank you so much for facilitating this amazing mastermind Katie and everyone for sharing the experience.” - Jenni

“Thank you Katie so much for an amazing and positive experience. I have learnt so much and look forward to moving forward. The timing was perfect!!!” - Sonia

🌿 More than two hours together every Monday night for five weeks
🌿 Delicious snacks and herbal teas each week
🌿 A one-on-one intensive 45 minute session with me to target specific issues and accelerate your progress*
🌿 Two bottles of Australian Bush Flower Essences to clear your energetic blocks and align you with your calling
🌿 Bonus Divine Planning Party so you walk out the door knowing exactly what to do next to get your business thriving

Plus you’ll have a readymade mastermind of biz sisters to support you on your path for as long as you like. 

Total value = $440 and then some. 

We meet on these Mondays: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of July.

What a powerful way to kick off the new financial year!

6:45pm to 9:00pm just off Darby St in Cooks Hill (address provided in your booking confirmation).

Only six spots available so you get plenty of time with my third eye on you and your calling. 

“Thank you soooo much Katie and all of you lovely participants for this amazing experience over the last four weeks. I enjoyed being in this group, where I felt safe to go 'deep', or I should rather say 'high'. Katie your meditations were incredible. It allowed so many AHA moments and insights to emerge and brought about a greater understanding of myself and where I want to go from here. I came away encouraged, with lots of ideas and a renewed wave of enthusiasm to simply 'go for it'. Thank you for sharing your great wisdom. You have such a gentle and graceful way.” - Christine

Are you ready to Call in your Calling?

Use the link in Comments to book your place for just $297. 

Let’s do it!


Divine Detective

* Your one on one session is to be taken within three months of commencing the course. Instructions on how to book it will be sent after you have paid for your place in the course.

Guy's and Girls

Is your partner unhappy with you?


Then learn some skills to get your relationship back on track 

Be a Better Partner in 5 Easy Steps

*​ What to do

* How to do it
Learn how to become an ADEPT person

 A =  Authentic. Being Yourself 

                      D = Diverse Internal V External                     

  E= Empathatic, comtemplation

       P = Partnerships, two-way traffic

  T= ​Trust, allow yourself this gift

A Comprehensive 1.5 hour  ADEPT Workshop
will give you the necessary tools to become an ADEPT person

Bookings Essential
[small group]

Phone Georg on 0404 291 647

          Course authored and presented by Georg Atanassoff. Counsellor. Life Coach. Psychotherapist.

        Author of the   and    programmes.



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Jennifer is looking for expressions of interest for her upcoming Infant Massage Class 1hour per week for four weeks..Contact Jennifer on 0409242294

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