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Marlene Rose Energy Therapies

An Holistic way to Improving your Health and Wellbeing

Let me show you how Energy Therapy can help you......

  • get free from stress

  • let go of fear

  • connect to your heart's desires

  • gain more clarity

  • achieve more peace

How my client's are transformed by Energy Therapy

They go from

  • feeling out of control to............. in control

  • feeling always tired to............... energetic

  •           feeling fear of life to...............dealing with issues

  • feeling panicky to..............peaceful

  • feeling anxious control

  • feeling defeated to........empowered


Butterflies are free

Hello, my name is Marlene Rose.

I love the idea of transformation, and use the butterfly as my symbol
because it speaks so clearly to us about the ability to change,
to embrace energy and to be free.

                My focus is on giving you a feeling of Relief,Optimism and Understanding, enabling you to get the very best out of your life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually no matter what your circumstances.


Bringing your Body, Mind and Soul into harmony, and bringing the Self
in your mind and the Self in your heart into an empowered relationship, 
establishes a connection, resulting in a life that is balanced.

I Help you to Get in Touch with The Deeper part of your being,
‘Your Soft Still Voice’,

your inner wisdom...
Then you begin to move through your life with authenticity and congruency.

“When you think in one direction, feel in another and act in yet another,
the competing strains of disharmony are echoed in your level of health."

Tibetan Lama Chogyam Trungpa


I consult by appointment Tuesdays (after hours available)

Thursdays (after hours available) /Fridays 

An appointment will restore balance into your daily life, easing your stress
and helping you to make positive changes that benefit you
and the people around you

Give Me a call on 0412 789 878

I began my career in Natural Healing with my initiation into the Usui System of Reike,

after a personal crisis that led to some challenging physical symptoms.

As conventional medicine had little to offer me in the way of resolving my issue,
apart from constant remedial therapy. I went on to investigate other forms
of Natural Therapy, which helped me grow past my problems and completely
alleviate my symptoms. This success started me on my way to further study.

I work with Kinesiology, EFT [Tapping], Reike, Touch for Health and
Spiritual Counseling and Energy Balancing


Click HERE for more information

TAPPING [Emotional Freedom Technique]

Whatever the challenge you're dealing with or area of your life you want to grow in, Tapping can help. It works on things from Pain Relief, to clearing limiting beliefs around money and abundance, to weight loss, to improving relationships, to fear and phobias, and much, much more

Tapping Workshops

    Learn Tapping / Finer points Workshop



Spiritual Counseling and Reconnecting

Self love, as in Soul care... results in

  • Peace
  • Clarity
  • Relief

No matter what path your life is taking.


"I am so grateful for your presence in my life; you have taken me by the hand so many times and shown me how to save myself. And every time, it seems a little harder to get lost."

"Marlene, your loving guidance has shown my heart how to heal and my soul to soar. Thank you !"

"I cannot thank you enough for the transition that has occurred for me over the past few months due to the consultations we've had. Your gentleness and insight in getting to the core of the issue is amazing. I could highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to make a change in any part of their lives. I thank you and my family thank you."

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 Practical Life Therapies

A reminder that our therapists work by 

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Jennifer is looking for expressions of interest for her upcoming Infant Massage Class 1hour per week for four weeks..Contact Jennifer on 0409242294

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Practical Life Therapies is a
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