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Frequently asked questions

Are you open all week and any weekends?

As we are a community of practitioners who run their own Business under the Practical Life Therapies Banner, all appointments need to be pre-booked [so check with your practitioner] unless advertised differently. For instance, Georg one of our Counsellors is available for casual consultations on a drop in basis... but it is still a good idea to give him a ring to avoid dissapointment.

  • What is Kinesiology? [kin-easy-ology]
    Kinesiology is a non invasive complimentary medicine that uses a technique called muscle testing to establish imbalances or stress in the body or brain. I often explain to my clients, how Touch for Health and Kinesiology work by likening the unseen, natural energy system of the body to an electrical circuit. When all things work together properly you get the light to work. And if the light isn't working, you may try changing the globe, checking the plug, the socket and even the fuse box Kinesiology is about you maintaining health and preventing illness and kinesiologists view health as a balance of body systems, which is why we sometimes call a visit to a kinesiologist - having a balance

  • What happens in a session?
    I will discuss your specific needs, take your general history and help establish your outcomes for that session; in a safe and confidential environment. Using an arm muscle to test, I connect with the source of your problem. Usually monitoring your arm muscle's resistance, or other muscles in the body, the kinesiologist is trained to read the feedback from your muscles to recognise the part of your system that isn't working properly

  • How long is s session and how many do I need?
    An initial session usually lasts between 1.5hrs and subsequent sessions usually 1 hr. There are no specific numbers of sessions related to different issues; most people find one to two sessions sufficient. However, I would encourage people to have regular balances to keep their energy levels healthy and therefore minimising the need to face extreme stress in their lives

Question: Can I have a Treatment when I am already seeing a Chiropractor/Phsio/Massage Therapist/Doctor/Counselor ETC?

ANSWER: Absolutely, we encourage integrative medicine and therapies at our Centre.

 Practical Life Therapies

A reminder that our therapists work by 

appointment only

Contact the Therapists directly or

Phone us on
0412 789 878

if you have a concern and need care.


Jennifer is looking for expressions of interest for her upcoming Infant Massage Class 1hour per week for four weeks..Contact Jennifer on 0409242294

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About us

Practical Life Therapies is a
multi-disciplinary clinic
that is home to  the following businesses
 Marlene Rose Energy Therapies
Jennifer Robertson Massage Therapies
Renee Wilkinson Kinesiology
Georg Atanassoff Men's Wellbeing
Katie Ryan Divine Detective 
David Roberts Psychology
Sarah Truman Aromatouch



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Practical Life Therapies
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