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Wednesday, August 03 2016
3 Sneaky ways Fear Blocks you from your Life Purpose

Let’s talk about 3 sneaky ways that fear blocks you from your life purpose every single day.

The first one is something that we usually call:


And it looks like this: I’m going to get up an hour earlier tomorrow morning and write my book or work on my business or go and do some exercise or whatever it is for you that would be meaningful and relate to your life purpose.
And yet the next morning when the alarm goes off, you’re still in bed because maybe you didn’t get enough sleep or it’s too cold or you can’t be bothered or it’s really comfortable. Whatever the excuse, we put it down as laziness, but it’s actually fear trying to keep us in the familiar and the comfortable so that we don’t go outside that little comfort zone and do something that might be scary or dangerous.

So fear often shows up as laziness and it happens at the other end of the day as well, where you promise yourself that you’ll turn off the TV and go and do that meaningful thing but you’re still got your butt glued to the lounge at ten o’clock that night and all of a sudden, it’s time to go to bed and another day has finished.
Laziness is the first sneaky way that fear shows up and blocks you from living your life purpose and doing what’s meaningful.

The second way is something you’re probably very familiar with and that is:


We have glorified being busy, put it up on a pedestal and it is time to knock it right down from that pedestal. Being busy is a way of saying “I’ve got so much going on, I can’t possibly go and do that thing that would light up my heart and make my life meaningful and important. So we do all these other things like the gardening, and the groceries and the washing up and washing the car, and taking on extra projects at work and saying yes to going out to social engagements when really our heart’s crying out for us to go and sit down and do whatever that thing is that we’re supposed to be doing that is our life purpose this time around.

Busyness is another label, another sneaky way that fear blocks us from doing what we’re supposed to be doing this lifetime.

The third way I call


What I mean by that is that you impose all these rules on yourself and it takes a lot of time to comply with those rules, like “I must exercise for one hour every single day” when you could probably get away with doing that three or four times a week and free up some time to work on your life purpose.
Maybe you have other rules about what you must do in your house:

“I must wash up every night, I must do this, I must do that”.

That rigidity prevents you from having the time to work on your life purpose and it’s really the opposite of fun, it’s the opposite of creativity and it’s very much living up in your head versus being down in your heart which is where all the life purpose stuff is.
So all these rules and rigidity keep you stuck up here doing what you think you should - your self-imposed rules - instead of being down in your heart and doing what your soul wants to do, the actual real important work of your life: your life purpose.

So there you have three sneaky ways that fear blocks you from living your life purpose:




Have a look at your own life and see how these three things show up for you and then make some little tweaks. Let yourself loosen up a little bit and do things differently to free up some time, space and energy to work on your life purpose.

The world needs whatever that is for you.

Katie Ryan
Courage & Intuition Specialist
0407 257 076

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