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When we nurture peace

 we experience joy

Practical Life Therapies is a community based centre aiming to integrate a range of therapies enabling our clients to particicpate in a health-focused community.

It is the umbrella under which the successful therapists listed on this site run their businesses.

Invested in a positive outcome for all our clients, our therapists seek to suppport you in your daily life as well.

For instance, Jennifer our massage therapist can give you corrective exercises and relaxation techniques to improve outcomes. Partner training and infant massage adress issues specifically related to childbirth.

Marlene; advanced Emotional Freedom Technique, teaches Tapping as a self help tool. 

We are a like minded group of heart - centred professionals whose aim is to improve your life, on many levels, helping you to achieve relief, health and happiness.



Client Resources
Client Resources

At Practical Life Therapies you will find a selection of self improvement books to buy or borrow.

We are focused on our clients actively participating in their own improvement.

And therefore, we encourage the use of resources such as further reading, journalling, realaxation and meditation CDS etc.

Herbal Teas and Preparations
Herbal Teas and Preparations

Organic herbal teas are avaiable for purchase off the shelf as are some Herbal Preparations.

Emily Mouton specialises in the preparation of these suppliments.

A favourite tea and best seller is her 'Calming Tea'.

Be sure to check out the products for sale when you next come in for your appointment!

 Practical Life Therapies

A reminder that our therapists work by 

appointment only

Contact the Therapists directly or

Phone us on
0412 789 878

if you have a concern and need care.


Jennifer is looking for expressions of interest for her upcoming Infant Massage Class 1hour per week for four weeks..Contact Jennifer on 0409242294

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About us

Practical Life Therapies is a
multi-disciplinary clinic
that is home to  the following businesses
 Marlene Rose Energy Therapies
Jennifer Robertson Massage Therapies
Renee Wilkinson Kinesiology
Georg Atanassoff Men's Wellbeing
Katie Ryan Divine Detective 
David Roberts Psychology
Sarah Truman Aromatouch



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Practical Life Therapies
1/16 Bull St
Cooks Hill
City NSW 2300
0412 789878
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